1. How I make a deposit

Login to your EZYGET account and click on 'Deposit'. Follow all the steps shown, including selecting your preferred banking/payment option. Once you have completed all the steps, submit the form and notify our customer support representatives via Live Chat.

2. What is the minimum amount required for a deposit?

The minimum amount required for each deposit transaction is MYR 30.

3. Do I need to provide any proof of transaction for my deposit?

Yes, proof of transaction must be provided to successfully complete any deposit transaction.

4. How if my deposit is not made on time?

Any deposits that are not made on time will be processed as soon as possible the next day. If you have any enquiries, kindly seek clarification from any of our customer support representatives who are available round the clock to assist you.


1. How do I make a withdrawal?

Login to your EZYGET account and click on 'Withdrawal' under '$$$'. Follow all the steps shown, including selecting your preferred banking option. Once you have completed all the steps, submit the form and notify our customer support representatives via Live Chat.

2. What is the minimum amount required for a withdrawal?

The minimum amount required for each withdrawal transaction is MYR 50.

3. How long will it take to process my withdrawal?

For withdrawal requests, we may require you to provide us with the necessary documents to verify the process. Large withdrawals may take longer to be processed. If you have any enquiries, kindly seek clarification from any of our customer support representatives.

4. Are there any withdrawal fees?

No, there is no fee or charge incurred for withdrawals.

5. Are my transaction details secure?

All information transmitted on EZYGET's servers are highly secure thanks to state of the art technology that's coupled with the most advanced security systems and encryption software.

6. Can I make a withdrawal before I finish wagering?

Yes, a withdrawal can be made under such circumstances but the withdrawal amount will be based on the amount in the Main Wallet.

7. Can I make a withdrawal through a third party account?

No, all withdrawals made must be through the bank account registered in the user's EZYGET profile. The registered names on both the EZYGET account and bank account must match.


1. How do I make a transfer?

Go to the "Transfer" tab after you have login. Then you will see Main Wallet and other products wallet such as: PT Suite, GP Suite and many more. In order to play your desired games, you will have to transfer funds from your "Main Wallet" to the products wallets. And if you wish to withdraw your funds. You will need to transfer the credit from your products wallet to "Main Wallet".


EZYGET is an online entertainment website. Our mission is offer wide range, innovative and quality gaming products to our customers. We are in providing you best quality service, unbeatable promotions, quick and easy secure payout of winnings.

Our Products

EZYGET delivers a variety of gaming products, easy to bet and entertaining:
- Sports Book
- Live Casino
- Slot Games
- 4D Lottery

Security and Confidentiality

We take personal privacy seriously and we will ensure the security of our customers personal data. We keep all of the information confidential and will never release it or sell it to any third party without your consent.

Customer Care

Our Customer Service Officers guaranteeing to assist our customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We putting our customers first and their satisfaction is our top priority.

We wish you a pleasant gaming experience and of course all the luck ! Responsible Gaming Online Casino Malaysia

Under Age Gambling Control Trusted Online Casino Malaysia

Responsible Gaming

Community Responsibility is devoted to encouraging players to take responsible gaming as a form of controlled entertainment past time. Any over enjoying of remote gambling may be brought about the propensity of new habit conditioning in which may impact your life and finances. Therefore under age are strictly precluded to play the online casino game. Grown-up are advised to take up responsible gaming practices. For most players, remote gaming is an unwinding and enjoyable time passing activities. However, a careful mindset for unsurpassed must be at own account.

As a socially responsible company, we are taking the proactive measurement on preventing community degrading value in life. For this Ezyget has fastened up our strict routine account checking for this reason of responsible gambling policy.

Under Age Gambling rule

All gamers must meet the minimum of 18 years and above to become a player and any underage individual will be disqualified in playing or placing a bet on any of the provided game at Ezyget Responsible Gaming Online Casino Malaysia Regulation Rules. Trusted Responsible Gaming Online Casino has adopted and is fully committed to the strictest application and enforcement of the following policies: To further strengthen this practice we have deployed a complex advance software in verification check and may require member documentary proof to confirm age if found suspicious.

Being a socially responsible company means taking caring of our players, means having a proactive approach to the problems that may affect the community. For this reason, we need to uphold our policy of no underage by implementing no pay-out rule for any unqualified players without gender or races discriminations.

Please take note that we will NOT pay to an underage customer. We will stop any suspicious account if deem unqualify in minimum age and customer will be refunded only his deposit without any winning pay-out on his previous winning bet.


1. Age requirement

EZYGET Customers must be at least 18 years old and above and agree to abide by the terms and conditions imposed.

2. How to open an account with EZYGET?

Go to "REGISTER" at the home page of EZYGET website and you will be brought to the "Registration" page. Please fill in the following fields :

- Full name - Please provide your name as per NRIC. It is important for payment/banking verification purpose.
- Email address - To alert you of any important account management notice, product announcement and promotion information. Please ensure that you provide a valid email address that is only accessible by you.
- Contact Number - Please provide a valid contact number for better assistance and for your account safety.
- Username - Your unique identifier when logging into your account
- Password - Not case sensitive, must be between 8 to 10 characters and contains letters and numbers. You are responsible to keep your online password confidential.

3. Forget username or password ?

You can use our retrieval system to obtain the username to access your account by email to us at or contact our Customer Service Officer via live chat.

To retrieve password, you can click on "Forgot Password" and fill in particular details accordingly. Your password will be reset and send via email.

4. What is the supported currencies ?

MYR - Malaysian Ringgit

5. How to withdraw?

Click on the "Withdrawal" section and fill in the amount that you want to withdraw. Your bank account name must be the same as the name registered with EZYGET.

Upon approval, your money will be transferred to your bank account via local bank transfer within specific time.

Click here for more information.

6. Is my personal information secure?

EZYGET will not disclose your personal information to any third party. Your personal details are confidential and we will ensure that there are secured all the time.

7. What is the meaning of Wallets in EZYGET?

i. Main Wallet

All deposit go in your Main wallet, which can be used to bet on games, simply withdraw or transfer to Product Wallet to fund betting transactions.

ii. Product Wallet

Amount shown in Product Wallet is available for betting for the following respective gaming products :
- Sports Book
- Live Casino
- Slot Games
- 4D Lottery

Every member will be able to transfer fund from "Main Wallet" to any selected "Product Wallet" or from one "Product Wallet" to another "Product Wallet".


You can chat to us live through our live chat option. This will open a chat window with one of our support consultans.

Online Support: Live Chat
WhatsApp: +601160519967
Contact No.: +601160519967
Wechat ID: ezygetcs


- Go to "REGISTER" and fill in your personal information accordingly.
- Minimum deposits are required as a baseline. The smallest amount of RM30 must initially deposit from your banking account to our Company's bank account.
- After the fund being deposited, go to "Deposit" section of your EZYGET account and send a notice to us.
- The amount deposited will be paid out to your "Main Wallet".
- Transfer fund from your "Main Wallet" to selected "Product Wallet"
- Have fun and good luck playing your games !